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Welcome, Hotjobs Africa is a leading Human Resource Consultancy Firm with the aim of providing time bound and client specific Human Resource solutions for the African market.

“Square pegs to square holes”

The HotJobs Africa Recruitment & Placement department works in partnership with clients to create tailor-made solutions to their needs. We specialize in headhunting exceptional talents to ensure the right personnel is recruited for the Employer by undertaking a rigorous screening and short listing processes.

We also place contract based and permanent personnel in Commercial and Industrial Sectors. Each Candidate is assessed based on Qualifications, Skills, Temperament, and Work Experience through a mandatory psychometric and evaluation test. Hotjobs Africa operates with the aim of delivering candidates at all levels within a maximum timeframe of two weeks.

How do we do it?

We draw candidates from a huge database of potential employees; and also rely on headhunting from specific industries and advertisements.

We use a selection process that includes interviews, psychometric, evaluation tests and case study assessments, depending on the level of entry.

We send the most qualified candidate to the client for final selection and placement.

With our extended database system, we keep the records of qualified candidates who have already been through the selection process to meet tight deadlines for our clients.

A replacement is provided free of charge within the first three months of recruitment if the employee provided by Hot Jobs Africa does not meet your standards.

Charge Component to Organizations

A Placement Fee equivalent to the employee’s one month salary is required from the client. This fee covers the cost of the interviews, screening, tests, reference checks and short listing.

“Partnering You with Solutions to Meet Your Needs”

Our Outsourcing department utilises effective management, monitoring and payroll measures in ensuring that the outsourced personnel work to the Employers’ stipulated terms and conditions.

How we operate;

We have a team of on-site supervisors who provide professional monitoring and administrative service on your premises on a daily basis.

We deliver time bound outsourcing services to your company which include a Welfare Package for outsourced personnel.

Your company pays a monthly fee of ONLY 18% of the total gross salary of the employees as a fee for managing outsourced staff, running the payroll and other logistics. The management fee is negotiable based on the number of staff.

Hot jobs Africa- Welfare Package for Outsourced Staff

As an added incentive, we provide the Hot Jobs Africa Welfare package for employees outsourced through Hot Jobs; the objective of this package is to motivate and enhance productivity. We aggressively promote high performers and coach low performers to better performance by offering the following incentives;

Bonus scheme for best worker based on client feedback

Funeral contribution for bereaved workers from a welfare fund

Social events for workers on special occasions like Easter and Christmas

Workmen’s compensation policy / Group accident cover for all employees (WCA)

Personal accident Injury policy for employees depending on length of service

Leave entitlement- to be strictly adhered to with leave allowances

“In a competitive market, training is a matter of survival”

HOTJOBS Africa Training department offers training courses and development programs that focus on improving the skills of your employees to facilitate the smooth running of your business. Our programs can be customized to suit your company’s needs and can be run exclusively for clients at their own premises. Our priority is the enhancement of your employees and a direct positive effect on productivity.

Topics include but are not limited to the following;

  • The Immeasurable Competencies of Star Employees – Beyond Technical and Intellectual Expertise.
  • Sales and Marketing- The Smart Approach to Facing the Client and Closing the Deal.
  • Time Management and Image Management.

“Welcome to innovation without boundaries Hot Services are delivered at your door.”

Hotjobs Africa goes the extra mile to transport outsourced and internal staff as an added service to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency of staff. This service thus relieves the client from the burden of dealing with lateness, unruly drivers and staff fatigue due to transportation pressures.

Hotjobs Africa seeks not only the interests of its outsourced and internal staff but their comfort as well. No matter where you live, Hotjobs Africa will ensure that you arrive both at work and at home in comfortably and always on time before commencement of work.

An average negotiable service charge is applied on return trips per day. The cost to your company per trip is based on the distance from the originating location.

“Everything will run like clockwork, no matter where in the world your employees are working.”

Hotjobs Africa is Ghana’s leading relocation and expatriate management specialists. Whether you need help with human resource, international payroll, tax compliance, immigration, visas or any other aspect of international relocation we are your one stop shop for finding all your solutions. When you engage in our services, you will rest assured that all expatriates arriving for contracts within Ghana shall have all accommodative and transportation needs for the staff and their families catered for. We also provide in-house concierge services for such staff in order to make life easier for the employing company.

Extra services provided for expatriates include;

  • Sourcing of Accommodation for expatriate staff and their families
  • Rental of Vehicles
  • Aiding expatriate families source schools for their wards
  • General concierge services